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Fast Trax Shuttle

Exclusively for:
Rendezvous Neighborhood
Homeowners & Guest's

New for 22-23 Ski Season

Winter Park Resort


Member Benefits:

  • Unlimited Morning/Evening Rides

  • Discount on Mid-Day Rides

  • Priority Booking

  • Individual & Family Plans

  • Allow Family/Friends to Use

  • Verified Address

Family Plan(Up to 4 Seats/Day)


Individual Plan(1 Seat/Day)


Just for the:






December:  17th~31st
January:   1st, 7th~8th, 14th~16th, 21st~22nd, 28th~29th
February: 4th~5th, 11th~12th, 18th~20th, 25th~26th
March: 4th~5th, 11th~12th, 18th~19th
Morning Time's: 7:45, 8:30, 9:15, 10:00
Mid-Day Time's: 11:45, 12:30 
Afternoon Time's: 2:00, 2:45, 3:30, 4:15

     All rides must be scheduled in advance regardless of membership. All rides will stop accepting bookings 45 minutes in advance and there will be no exception.  Once a Shuttle is full there will be no more accepted bookings, however in the instance a Shuttle fills up early with Members we may consider adding additional seats.  Only members will be able to book spots until 11/17/22, after which we will open up shuttles for daily and weekly members.  Memberships include a round trip ride for 1 or up to 4 a maximum of once daily.  If for any reason a seat is reserved by a Member that goes unused, there will be a $20 no show charge for each seat.  Seats are able to be cancelled 45 minutes in advance without penalty.  Mid-Day seats will cost members an additional $10 per seat.  Membership will automatically renew each year at the current rate, except for Daily and Weekly memberships.  If there ends up being a rate increase, we will notify all members via email so please ensure your email is up to date and your confirmations do not go to spam.  The Fast Trax Shuttle is operated by GMR Inc. and has no affiliating with "Rendezvous" or "Club Rendezvous" neighborhood or its affiliated HOA in anyway.


  • How much notice is needed for booking?  You will need to book at least 45 minutes in advance, however Member's are able to call for availability down to 15 minutes in advance.

  • Will the Shuttle have a set route?  No.  The Shuttle will go to the stops scheduled for this ride and you will not be able to just get on without a booking.

  • Does the membership include Mid-Week rides?  The membership will include Mid-Week rides on the days it operates, but will not include any rides when not running.

  • Does the Shuttle run on the same schedule as last year?  Yes, however it does not include a set route of which you are able to just get on.

  • Will the Shuttle still come to the custom home sites?  Yes.  All of the homes in the Rendezvous Subdivision will be included.

  • What if the Shuttle fills up early?  We will always try to open up additional vehicles for the Shuttle's when possible.  Members can always call to check for additional availability.

  • What if I have a Family of 6?  Now Available. Just click join.

  • Can I call the Rendezvous Clubhouse for help?  No.  Please call at (970)-447-5030.

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